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Upcycling Upcycled

Pam continues her blog about Freegle, recycling, repair and that sort of thing.

My Dad, bless him, was an Up-cycler Extraordinaire. Not that we knew this at the time of course, back then upcycling wasn’t even a word. Back then it was more a matter of necessity. The throw away world was yet to come.

Reused telegraph poles

Newsletter February 2020

Newsletter February 2020 Hello and welcome to your free Freegle newsletter. Our main website has the domain name "I Love Freegle" so it's good as a valentine's theme! We have also been known to say that Freegle is like online dating for things, but the metaphor doesn't actually bear much inspection - and it's a simile. The natty image here is actually made up of all the lovely volunteers that help run Freegle across the UK. If you'd like to help out - get in touch.

And we’ve got three Freegle Give and Take events coming up soon.

Replacing a washer the hard way

Replacing a washer the hard way Chris shares a DIY plumbing nightmare: OK, not that bad, but a lot of work to replace one washer.

A washer had disintegrated in the house stop tap, meaning it didn't shut off the water. The bits of washer had caused havoc in the rest of the house: at header tanks and at the kitchen sink. To make matters worse, the outside stop tap wasn't working either - but United Utilities replaced that very promptly.

Newsletter February 2019

Freegle Newsletter February 2019 There are lots of green events on across Eden District in the coming months. On Saturday morning, 9th February 2019, the Penrith Repair Café runs in its monthly slot. Freegle-wise, we're back at Newbiggin for another Bring-and-Take on Saturday 23rd February from 10am until noon. Then Seedy Saturday is on on 9th March in Penrith and the Shap Freegle Give and Take is on Sunday 28th April.

Newsletter November 2018

How to find stuff on Freegle video We're excited to announce three new videos on How to Freegle, made in Eden District - thanks Jaki, Frankie and Nigel.

In the run up to Christmas, there are nearby Repair Cafes to fix things and several Freegle Give and Take events - do come along to help!

Newsletter August 2018

Freegle Newsletter August 2018 There are lots of green events on across Eden District in August and September. On Saturday morning, 11th August 2018, you can visit a uniform recycling day and a Repair Café in Penrith. On Saturday 1st September from 10-12 we'll be at "Stainton" Newbiggin for a Freegle Give and Take. And there more...


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